Weak Chin? Have You Heard of the Chin Implant?

It’s human nature for people to aspire to the classic traits of their gender or the beauty standards of the day. Fortunately, there are many ways to alter your facial features, with and without surgery.

If your chin is beginning to show signs of aging, you see jowls starting to form, and your jawline is less defined, you have many options. Dr. Michael Mcdonald at Aesthetic Surgery Center in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco offers several ways to improve the look of your chin from temporary contouring treatments like dermal fillers and BOTOX®️ or Dysport®️ injections to surgical implants.

We understand that surgery is a big commitment, especially if your aesthetic issues are minor. But if your weak chin is throwing your facial symmetry out of whack or making your nose appear too big, chin implant surgery can do wonders for your overall appearance. Here are some reasons to consider it.

Chin implants are a permanent solution

Unlike dermal fillers and Botox, which dissipate over time as your body absorbs and flushes them out, chin implants are permanent fixtures in your face. Once the procedure is done, you don’t have to come back for touch-ups, and your profile stays strong for good.

Chin implants work well with other procedures

If you’re considering chin implant surgery, you may also be looking at the rest of your facial features and wondering what else you should fix while you’re at it.

Dr. Macdonald often combines mentoplasty (the medical term for your chin implant) with other reconstructive procedures, like rhinoplasty (nose job), neck liposuction, facelifts, or cheek augmentation.

But before signing up for multiple procedures, it’s important to do your research and choose a qualified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Macdonald. He brings years of experience and a keen artistic eye to the table and can let you know exactly how to achieve your aesthetic goals.

The chin is such a pivotal point on your face that adjusting its size and shape may automatically solve your other issues by putting your face into balance.

What to expect from your chin implant surgery

Once you and Dr. Macdonald decide to move forward with your chin implant surgery, you’ve chosen the right size and shape of your permanent implant, and you feel confident about the procedure, you’re ready to say goodbye to your weak chin.

On the day of your surgery, you can expect to be under general anesthesia for an hour or two. Dr. Macdonald makes a small incision under your chin in a natural crease that hides the scar. He slides the firm implant, typically made of Gore-Tex or Silastic, into a pocket under your muscle and above your jawbone.

A few dissolvable stitches later, and your procedure is done. But your recovery is just beginning. When the anesthesia wears off and you get a look at yourself in a mirror, you first notice that Dr. Macdonald has taped your chin to keep the implant securely in place as you start to heal.

This tape needs to stay there for about a week, and you should also plan to take it easy during that time as well. That means no work, no strenuous activities, no heavy lifting.

Once you pass the one-week mark, your bandages come off, your swelling subsides, your pain is gone, and you can go back to work. Most important, you can see your new chin in the mirror! It takes three to six months to fully recover from your chin implant surgery.

Ready to change your chin? To schedule a chin implant consultation with Dr. Macdonald, request an appointment by phone or online to begin your journey to facial harmony.

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