How Long Does It Take to Heal After Otoplasty?

You’ve waited a long time to get your prominent or misshapen ears fixed, and you’re finally ready for otoplasty. Now you want to know how long you'll have to wait to see the results. Here’s what you need to know.

Jan 5th, 2022
Help! My Hands Look Old

Just like your face, your hands show signs of aging when they lose the fat layer under your skin. But there’s a way to restore their youthful texture and appearance with a simple injection of Radiesse®. Here’s how it works.

Dec 1st, 2021
Here’s What to Expect After Your Otoplasty

You finally opted for otoplasty, and now your prominent ears are better positioned and proportionate to the rest of your face. But surgery was just the first step. Here’s what to do in the days and weeks following to ensure lasting success.

Nov 4th, 2021
The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty

Smack dab in the center of your face, your nose can make or break your image. While there’s a wide range of acceptable shapes and sizes, if your nose doesn’t fit your ideal, you can change it with rhinoplasty. Here’s how to get the best results.

Sep 6th, 2021
What Causes Eyelids to Sag?

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, but if yours look like the shutters are closing and no one’s home, it may be time to find out why. Here are the many causes of droopy eyelids and what you can do about them.

Aug 10th, 2021
Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Rhinoplasty

If you assume a nose job is only for smoothing a bump or reducing the size of your nose, you may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of reasons for rhinoplasty that have nothing to do with your looks.

Jul 25th, 2021
Our Skin Tightening Services

Skin thins and sags as it ages — it’s simple biology. But advanced technology can reverse the effects of aging on your face, neck, hands, abdomen, and anywhere you have loose skin. Find out how SkinTyte™ counteracts inevitable biological forces.

Jun 28th, 2021
Tips for Avoiding Skin Damage This Summer

COVID-19 has kept you cooped up for months, but increased vaccination rates may mean you can finally get out and enjoy the sun this summer. But beware — your skin is more vulnerable than ever. Here’s how to protect it against skin damage.

May 9th, 2021
Bothered by Aging Hands? Consider Injectable Treatments

Injectables can give you a smooth, younger-looking face — but if your hands look haggard, your real age is no secret. Fortunately, treatments can also restore some of the youthful luster in your hands so you can wave goodbye to those telltale signs.

Apr 11th, 2021
Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Skin Tightening?

Gravity works. And if you want proof, just take a look at what it’s done to your skin as you’ve gotten older. If the constant downward pull and a loss of collagen have made your skin sag, you may be the perfect candidate for laser skin tightening.

Mar 11th, 2021
5 Important Liposuction Facts

Liposuction has been around for more than 50 years and remains the gold standard for fat loss. But how well do you really know lipo? Here are five things you need to know before considering this time-honored body-contouring technique.

Feb 2nd, 2021
What Is Recovering From a Neck Lift Like?

In a few months, the results of your neck lift are going to make you look fabulous, but what about the days and weeks immediately following your surgery? Here’s what you need to know about recovering from a neck lift and making the results last.

Jan 13th, 2021
Start the New Year Looking Your Best With Permanent Cosmetics

Another trip to the drugstore, another online makeup purchase, another hour in front of the mirror. If your New’s Year’s resolution is to stop the madness and change your routine, permanent cosmetics may help you face 2021 in a whole new way.

Dec 3rd, 2020
Get a Liquid Facelift Before the Holidays

Whether you’re planning a gathering, meeting the in-laws, or mingling with your boss at the annual office party, you want to put your best face forward. If yours is beginning to look a little worse for the wear, a liquid facelift is just the thing.

Nov 8th, 2020
Weak Chin? Have You Heard of the Chin Implant?

A strong, chiseled chin is a mark of masculinity, and a narrow, V-shaped one is a classic female trait. But even if you’re born with a jawline that slopes or recesses, you can get the look you want with a chin implant. Here’s how.

Oct 7th, 2020
Peel Away Sun-Damaged Skin

When winter ended and the sun came out, it felt so good to let it wash over you and warm you all over. And whether you intended to get a tan or not, that time in the sun caused skin damage you can’t even see yet. Clear it away before it gets worse.

Sep 21st, 2020
Bothered by Discolored Skin? Consider Laser Therapy

Freckles on kids and puppies are cute, but if little spots or big patches are splashed across your face, you may not find them as endearing. If you’ve ever wished you could remove them, you’re in luck — painless, noninvasive laser therapy is the key.

Aug 11th, 2020
Cheek Augmentation Surgery: What to Expect

Want the most attractive face? The V’s have it — that highly coveted heart- or V-shaped face. But if age and genetics have given you a less desirable shape, we can change that with cheek augmentation. Here’s what you can expect with this procedure.

Jul 29th, 2020
Chronic Migraine Relief: Effective Options

If you’ve felt crippling pain and throbbing in your head, you’ve likely experienced a migraine. If it happens to you more than 15 times a month, you have chronic migraines. Here’s what you can do to prevent, manage, and treat recurring migraines.

May 29th, 2020
Laser Skin Resurfacing: Is It Right for Me?

Scroll through social media or flip through any magazine, and you’re bombarded with ways to look younger. But which treatment is right for you? One of the most effective is laser skin resurfacing. Here’s what you need to know before you decide.

Apr 16th, 2020
What’s the Best Age for Rhinoplasty?

Self-image is important at every age, but that doesn’t mean plastic surgery is right for people of all ages. Find out why age matters when it comes to rhinoplasty. And what age is the right age?

Mar 1st, 2020
Choose Blepharoplasty to Help You Look Better and See Better

Droopy eyelids change your appearance, making you look older, more tired, and unhappy. What’s more, your saggy eyelids may be affecting your vision! If you don’t like how your droopy eyelids make you look or see, blepharoplasty can help.

Dec 1st, 2019
How Can I Get Rid of Unsightly Leg Veins?

Tired of those unattractive veins on your legs? We offer two safe, effective treatments to eliminate problematic veins without surgery, incisions, or downtime. Here's how they work.

Aug 5th, 2019
Rhinoplasty: It's More Than Just a Nose Job

Do you have trouble breathing when working out? Or maybe you're exhausted from disrupted sleep or sleep apnea? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for a different kind of nose job. Read on to learn more about several nasal surgery options.

May 1st, 2019
Learn More About a Non Surgical Approach to a Facelift

You really want a face-lift, but you’re not ready for the knife. Can you lift your face — without a single incision or stitch — back to its youthful “V” shape? You can, with a Liquid V-Lift™. Learn how.

Mar 1st, 2019
5 Great Tips For Recovering From Face-lift Surgery

Face-lift surgery is life-changing. It has the potential to restore your youthful appearance and give you back your self-confidence. Learn how to have a successful recovery after face-lift surgery with these five great tips.

Feb 1st, 2019
Feel Refreshed and Renewed This Year With BBL

Does your skin's aged appearance not reflect how active and youthful you feel inside? Find out how BBL helps you turn back the clock on skin aging and reveals a more refreshed and renewed appearance on not only the surface; it's at the genetic level.

Jan 17th, 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Liquid Facelift

Is your face making you look older than you feel? Then the V-lift liquid facelift could be just what you're looking for. The V-lift uses cosmetic injectables to reduce the signs of aging so you look and feel your youthful best - all without surgery.

Nov 29th, 2018
All About Facial Implants: What You Need to Know

Everyone’s face is different, which lends us each our own unique character and personality, at least on the outside. But sometimes the proportions are skewed to the point of distraction rather than attraction. And that’s where we can come in.

Jun 19th, 2018
How Is Rhinoplasty Different for Men and Women?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can benefit both men and women. While the surgery itself is the same for all genders, the specifics of the incisions and contouring vary, based on your desired outcome.

Aug 24th, 2018
Should I Choose a Neck Lift or a Face-lift?

Thinking about a face-lift or neck lift to take years off your appearance? It’s not always easy to know which procedure will deliver the results you envision. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide between a neck lift or a face-lift.

Jul 30th, 2018
What's the Best Age to Have a Facelift?

A cosmetic facelift is one of the most effective ways to achieve long-term facial rejuvenation and restore a more youthful appearance, and the age when you choose to have a facelift can influence your results. Read on to find out how.

May 18th, 2018
Considering Otoplasty? Here's What You Need to Know

While commonly performed on children with ears that protrude, otoplasty - or ear pinning - is an all-ages procedure open to virtually anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of prominent ears. Here’s what you need to know.

Apr 20th, 2018
Six Tips to Prepare for Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, which helps take care of excess skin and fat around the eye area, is a great way to correct droopy eyelids or get rid of under-eye bags. Before you schedule your blepharoplasty appointment, there are a few important steps.

Feb 1st, 2018
5 Popular Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Women aren’t alone in their desire to look their best and age gracefully. Men recognize the benefits of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that reduce the appearance of fine lines, shrink a double chin, and freshen up tired-looking skin.

Jan 4th, 2018
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