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Michael R. Macdonald, M.D.

Facial Plastic Surgeon located in San Francisco, CA

At Aesthetic Surgery Center, located San Francisco, California, Dr. Michael R. Macdonald offers unparalleled options and expertise in laser skin resurfacing. Utilizing MicroLaserPeel®, ProFractional™, SkinTyte™, and Photo rejuvenation BBL™ (Broad Band Light) lasers. Dr. Macdonald corrects skin flaws and provides overall rejuvenation for men and women throughout San Francisco.

Laser Resurfacing Q & A

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive office treatment that uses light or thermal energy to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production to provide overall rejuvenation. Specific laser resurfacing treatments can also erase specific flaws (such as redness) or tighten loose skin. Numbing cream is generally applied prior to most treatments, so pain is not an issue. Recovery times vary depending on the particular procedure. But many entail little to no downtime at all.

Which Type of Laser is Right For My Skin?

The type of laser used depends on both your goals and skin type. Some lasers are more effective in correcting pigmentation issues, such as brown spots or broken capillaries, while others can tighten sagging skin, and still, others are best at erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Whatever your issue, and whether you’re looking for subtle or dramatic results, Aesthetic Surgery & Skin Rejuvenation is equipped with the technology to meet your needs, including the Nano Laser Peel, MicroPeel, ProFractional, SkinTyte and Photo rejuvenation BBL systems. More importantly, Dr. Macdonald and his Laser Nurse have extensive experience and expertise in each of these. They not only knows which laser to use but also the depth and intensity to administer, to achieve each patient’s desired results. In many cases, Dr. Macdonald uses a combination of lasers, resulting in the most attractive, yet still natural-looking skin for both men and women of all ages and skin types.

What Types of Issues Can Be Corrected with Laser Skin Resurfacing?

With the wide array of laser skin resurfacing options available today, just about any skin flaw can be corrected. Some of the most common treated at Aesthetic Surgery & Skin Rejuvenation include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Improved overall skin tone and texture
  • Pigmentation issues (brown spots, redness, broken capillaries)
  • Laxity

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Laser Resurfacing?

The face, neck, and chest are the most common. However, several laser treatments can be used to correct brown spots and tighten skin on other areas of the body, including the hands, arms, abdomen, and legs.

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