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Michael R. Macdonald, M.D.

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Chemical peels are ideal for reducing wrinkles, improving skin texture and tone, and even helping to unclog pores and clear acne. At the Aesthetic Surgery Center, Dr. Michael Macdonald offers customized peels to help both women and men from San Francisco, CA, enjoy healthier, more beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Chemical Peels

What Issues Can Be Treated With Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels use special solutions to slough away dead, dry, dull upper layers of skin, revealing smoother, fresh skin, unclogging pores and reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scars and other cosmetic defects. In addition, by removing the upper layers of dull, dead skin, peels help skin feel and look softer and smoother. Peels can range in strength from mild to deep, and at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, we can customize peels to suit the needs and treatment goals of each patient for superior results in both women and men.

How is a Chemical Peel Performed?

Prior to treatment, skin is gently cleansed to remove makeup, oil and dirt embedded in the skin. The chemical solution is applied to the treatment area and allowed to remain on the skin for a specific amount of time depending on the type of peel that's being performed. Once the time has elapsed, the solution is neutralized and removed from the skin. During the peel, there may be some mild stinging as the chemicals work to remove the damaged layers of skin. Afterward, skin may appear red or feel slightly tender. A day or two after the procedure, the dead layers of skin will begin to slough off, revealing smoother, softer skin beneath. As skin heals, sun protection is very important to protect the new skin from becoming damaged. At the Aesthetic Surgery Center, we offer custom peel treatment programs aimed at addressing the specific and unique needs of each patient.

What is a Micropeel?

Micropeels are very mild peels that are designed for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. During a micropeel, skin is manually exfoliated to remove the superficial dead layers of skin cells along with “peach fuzz” hair growth. Next, the peel solution is applied, remaining on the skin for several minutes before being neutralized and removed. Finally, skin is hydrated with special creams and serums. Micropeels can be used to refine and improve skin texture, smooth fine lines and improve areas of discoloration without any downtime.