Before Your Cosmetic Treatment

Please prepare for your initial consultation by completing the relevant patient forms and bringing them with you to your appointment.

Check back here after your consultation for tips on preparing for your chosen cosmetic procedure. That’s also a good time to read about what to expect after treatment so that you have no surprises and can simply focus on resting and healing afterward.


Planning for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Physical Exam and Pre-Op Paperwork

To undergo any elective surgery, you must first be in generally good health. We require you to undergo a physical examination and routine lab work by your primary care physician.

Results and any medical clearance required should be sent to our office as part of your pre-op routine at least 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery.

At your pre-op visit, Dr. Macdonald also performs a general exam and orders any lab work that may have been missed in your primary care exam. Your health and safety are always Dr. Macdonald’s first concern.

Schedule Adequate Healing Time

Adequate healing time varies by patient and by surgery. We would rather you plan for more downtime than less. It’s not helpful to your healing process when you are stressed and anxious about going back to work or being ready for social commitments.

Review the chart below for an expected range of healing and recovery days required by surgery type.

Arranging Transportation To and From Surgery

For safety reasons, you may not drive yourself home after surgery, or any treatment that requires sedation or narcotic pain medication. Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you the day of surgery and perhaps to the first post-op visit.

We are happy to arrange a private car service for you if you prefer.

Medications to Take or Avoid

It is imperative you make Dr. Macdonald and his staff aware of any medical conditions you have, and all medications you are taking. Failure to do so puts your safety at risk.

We strongly recommend that for 2 weeks prior to surgery and for 2 weeks after surgery, you:

  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not take aspirin, aspirin-containing products or NSAIDs. A list of common aspirin-containing products is given to you at your pre-op visit.
  • Avoid omega-3 fatty acid supplements.
  • Avoid high doses of Vitamin E. Be aware that substantial doses of Vitamin E (100 IUs) may be present in various green supplements.
  • Take Arnica for 3 days prior to and several days after your procedure. Arnica Montana is a homeopath remedy to minimize bruising and support rapid healing. You can purchase Arnica Montana from our office at your pre-op appointment.

Diet and Nutrition Promote Good Healing Health

You should be in the best nutritional state possible prior to surgery. We recommend you maintain a balanced, nutritious diet primarily of plant-based foods, augmented with vitamin supplements, especially Vitamin C.

If you plan on preparing your own meals at home after surgery, shop ahead of time so that you have on hand easy-to-prepare foods. Make sure you have plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated both before and throughout healing. It’s best to stick to water, diet ginger ale or other clear liquids vs. those loaded with caffeine and sugar.

Skin Care Habits Make a Difference

We encourage you to take advantage of a free consultation with our medical esthetician. She takes 15-20 minutes to assess your current skin condition and advise you how best to prepare your skin for optimal surgery results.

She also regularly helps patients improve post-surgical healing and results by customizing a post-surgery daily skin care regimen.

Consider Post-Op Care Options

For more involved surgeries such as facelift and neck lift surgery, you may prefer to have a nurse care for you the first 2-5 days of healing. Most post-op care RNs also drive you to and from your initial 1-2 post-op appointments.

Post-op care services can be well worth the nominal additional investment above your surgery cost. It’s not every day you get major surgery, so it’s nice to be lavished in quiet, private, pampering comfort, with the security of 24-hour monitoring and healing care.

Our Patient Coordinator is happy to arrange post-op care services for you, at your request.