Well-crafted nasal contouring achieved with this rhinoplasty brings a smooth, consistent elegant line to the entire nose from bridge to tip.
Rhinoplasty to achieve improved overall contour by narrowing bulbous nasal tip, supratip and dorsum.
Rhinoplasty to achieve narrowed nasal tip and supratip.
Revision rhinoplasty with restoration of nasal tip contour following a post-traumatic reconstructive rhinoplasty 8 years earlier.
Reconstructive rhinoplasty to correct a childhood nasal injury.
Rhinoplasty in this male patient not only removes the large hump on his dorsum, but also makes a variety of more subtle improvements, including correcting the angle between the bottom of his nose and his mouth.
This 3/4 view of rhinoplasty result also demonstrates the smoothing of his large dorsal hump. it further demonstrates subtle improvements to his nasal tip which was refined from an angular, skeletal shape into a more smooth, natural-looking contour.
This rhinoplasty was wonderfully successful in reducing the overall size of her nose so that it now fits her face more in proportion with her other features.
Again, this 3/4 view clearly shows the reduction in overall size of her nose with narrowing and refinement of both her nasal tip and supratip.