Do you have some asymmetry in your nose that bothers you? Does one nostril seem to sit higher than the other? Are you bothered by a bump on the top of your nose that you’d like to have smoothed? Do you have a traditionally ethnic nose you’d like to subtly refine?

If so, you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. However, you may first consider trying out a new nasal contour via non-surgical rhinoplasty. Read more about this minimally invasive procedure below under non-surgical nose job.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

A non-surgical nose job is a great alternative to surgical rhinoplasty if you:

  • Want to see potential rhinoplasty results before committing to surgery
  • Only have a small surface deformity or irregularity
  • Are not concerned about having permanent results
  • Do not wish to significantly reduce the size of your nose
  • Do not require any functional nasal improvements (i.e., deviated/crooked septum, swollen turbinates)

If these criteria do not reflect your own, then visit our traditional surgical rhinoplasty page. A wealth of information and guidance can be found there to help you consider the options for permanently altering the look or function of your nose.

Chin Contouring

Are you gazing in the mirror these days amazed that you are old enough to know what jowls are? Of course you only know this because you see the pre-jowl sag taking hold on your own face. This is not generally a joyous moment.

You’re definitely not ready for a facelift yet. And you’re wondering if a chin augmentation does anything to help your jowls. Surgery is a big step though, and you wish you could visualize what the results may look like first.

If so, you are a good candidate for non-surgical chin augmentation. Read more about this minimally invasive procedure below under non-surgical chin augmentation.

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Aging in the mid and lower face results in loss of skin elasticity and soft tissue volume. When combined with gravity, these aging effects result in a downward pull and sag, which contributes to the loss of your defined and youthful jawline. This can have a big impact on the way you look.

The area on either side of your chin is called the pre-jowl sulcus. As the jowls gradually develop over time, a hollow develops in the pre-jowl area. Filling in the sulcus produced by the developing jowls replenishes the volume lost in this area. Doing so provides a more youthful appearance with a strong, smooth jawline.

If dermal filler treatment is successful and you like the look, restoration of your smooth jawline may be something you want to consider more permanently with chin augmentation surgery.

Age-related loss of natural tissue volume in the lower third of your face may also create wrinkles on your chin. RADIESSE® can easily restore volume to your chin to minimize wrinkles there too, making your skin appear smoother and more youthful.

Narrow a Wide, Square Jawline with Botox

In the jaw area, BOTOX® or Dysport™ can help de-emphasize a wide, square jawline. This is a common treatment goal for female Asian patients, who prefer to have a less masculine, aggressive-looking, square jaw.

As an excellent alternative to surgical reduction of the bony angles of the mandible (jawbone), BOTOX® injections in the masseter muscle can create the appearance of a rounder, more feminine jawline, avoiding the risk and expense of surgery.

Nose and Chin Contouring Results


The treatment itself consists of:

  • Applying ice, as needed, for vasoconstriction and numbing
  • Applying topical anesthetic to further increase numbing
  • Targeting select injections sites
  • Massaging injection sites to promote even integration into tissue
  • Treatment is concluded in about 30 minutes for the nose, chin or jawline

Note: Immediate results may be exaggerated due to swelling

Discover injectable recovery tips. Injectable treatments with tissue fillers typically require 24-48 hours for commonly experienced redness, swelling, or bruising to subside. It’s very possible that you experience none of these side effects and enjoy no downtime.


Contouring of the nose or chin can produce great short-term results.

  • Minor nasal deformities are corrected, creating a clean, smooth, attractive nasal profile.
  • Chin is redefined with strong, smooth, youthful contours.
  • Jawline is made rounder, less angular, less aggressive, and more feminine.
  • Results are achieved faster, less expensively, and require less downtime.
  • Non-surgical results may vary in both the nose and pre-jowl/chin areas.
  • Filler results are temporary and may last 9-18 months, depending on the filler used.
  • BOTOX® results last 4-6 months before the effect fades and re-treatment becomes necessary.

The downside of non-surgical nose and chin recontouring is that the improvement is not permanent. The bonus is that non-surgical treatment allows you to see the change before making it more permanent.