Our nasal airway is a series of passages with allow air to begin its journey to the lungs. If any one of these passages is restricted, our nasal airflow is reduced, and quality of life can be impacted. In the entrance to the nose, the lateral or side nasal wall is made up of a system of cartilages. If these are too flexible or weak, they can collapse on inhalation, restricting inward breathing. Latera is a tiny, absorbable nasal implant which reinforces this cartilage, opening the nasal valve and helping to prevent nasal valve collapse. Our patients have told us that their Latera procedures provided them with easier breathing, increased performance during exercise, and decreased snoring at night. Latera does not change the shape or look of the nose. It can be placed during a quick, comfortable procedure in our office, or combined with your rhinoplasty surgery to enhance your everyday breathing.