Is the traditional concept of growing old “gracefully” not for you? Do you have a different definition of “gracefully” which includes non-surgical intervention with the wonders of aesthetic medicine?

Would some subtle lifting and smoothing of your face boost your confidence and self-esteem? Do you simply wish to gaze into the mirror and still see the youthful, vital person you know inside gazing back?

Then, you are likely in your 40’s to 50’s, searching for the right cosmetic treatments to achieve subtle, natural-looking improvement of your entire face. This makes you an excellent candidate for Dr. Macdonald’s injectable liquid face-lift.

The liquid face-lift delivers one holistic treatment that addresses each aspect of your aging face. This treatment is non-invasive and requires little-to-no downtime. Dr. Macdonald created this liquid face-lift treatment specifically to meet such requirements—it’s made precisely for you!

Aesthetic Issues of the Aging Face

In short, it’s a double whammy—our aging face suffers from both increasing skin laxity and overall facial volume loss.

Through natural aging, fine lines and wrinkles develop with certain repeated facial expressions—especially smiles and frowns. Your skin loses elasticity and resilience. Fine lines eventually evolve into wrinkles, and deeper creases become folds.

With facial volume loss, your face no longer exhibits the soft rounded contours representative of youth. Soft tissue fullness is lost and cheek pads lose their sensuously plump, elevated position. This sagging effect also often makes your lower eyelids appear puffy or hollowed, drawn and tired.

Drooping in the lower face and cheeks leads to development of pre-jowls. This is when you begin to lose the youthful definition of your chin and jawline.

What is Liquid Face Lift?

Dr. Macdonald delivers his twist on the concept of a “liquid facelift”. He creates a customized, holistic facial rejuvenation procedure for you. This treatment is slightly different for everyone.

It is your personalliquid face-lift. It lifts and rejuvenates the desirable “V” shape of your face from your chin up through your temples.

The entire facial area within the “V” is broken down into 12 potential areas for intervention. See the figure below.

Dr. Macdonald’s liquid face-lift technique combines the use of neurotoxins like BOTOX® or Dysport™ with tissue fillers like Restylane®, JUVEDERM®, Perlane® and RADIESSE® to target each area of your “V” shape, as needed.

He is an expert injector and pioneer in the use of BOTOX® and dermal fillers since 1995. As such, he has an intimate understanding of the entire musculature and soft tissue of the face and neck. You are in good hands!

Schedule a consultation with board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Macdonald. Discuss the areas of your face you desire to revive with a liquid face-lift. If you choose to receive treatment at the time of your consultation, your consultation is free.

 Liquid Face Lift Treatment Expectations


In a thorough consultation, Dr. Macdonald studies your facial anatomy and skin condition. He listens carefully to your cosmetic improvement goals. Following his assessment, he appropriately recommends a unique Liquid V-Lift holistic rejuvenation treatment, tailored specifically to you.

The treatment itself involves minimal discomfort…

  • Applying topical anesthetic for vasoconstriction and numbing
  • Applying ice for further vasoconstriction and numbing, as needed
  • Delivering select injections of both neurotoxins and dermal fillers
  • Utilizing injectable fillers with lidocaine (local anesthetic) formulated into the product to further minimize any discomfort
  • Massaging injection sites to promote even integration into muscles and soft tissue
  • Treatment takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of areas treated

For recovery tips, visit our Patient Prep section and learn what to expect after your injectable treatment. Injectable treatments with tissue fillers typically require 24-48 hours of recovery time for most side effects of itching, redness, swelling or bruising to subside. You may experience no side effects and enjoy no downtime whatsoever…


Liquid Face Lift results provide satisfying holistic facial rejuvenation.

  • Lines and wrinkles are smoothed
  • Skin folds and grooves are filled
  • Cheeks are volumized and lifted
  • Eye hollows or dark circles are minimized
  • Lips are subtly enhanced
  • Jawline is more clearly defined

Timing of your results:

  • It often takes 5-7 days to realize the full benefits of BOTOX® or Dysport™ injections.
  • Tissue filler results are immediately apparent. The results become even better over the next few days, as the material becomes integrated into your own tissue.
  • Results are affected by your rate of metabolism and vary depending on: specific products used in your customized liquid face-lift; targeted areas treated within your facial “V” frame.
  • Generally, results for more mobile areas (i.e., lips) within the face do not last as long as less mobile areas (i.e., chin).

Benefits of BOTOX® or Dysport™ injections may last 3-6 months. Dermal fillers can easily last 9-12 months.

Adding Laser Therapy Enhances Results

To fully enjoy your youthful revival, you may also want to consider laser therapy, which can further improve the appearance and resiliency of your skin.

Laser treatments can resolve:

  • Age-related discoloration or hyperpigmentation (i.e., age spots, sun spots)
  • Rosacea, melasma
  • Blemishes (i.e., adult acne, vascular or pigmented lesions)
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Fine lines or wrinkles
  • Skin laxity in your face and neck