Are you noticing surface veins on your legs becoming more visible over the years? Maybe they’re most prevalent at the sides and backs of the knees or upper thighs. Does it make you dread donning a swimsuit and showing your full, bare legs?

Or, are you cursed with bad genetics and suffering through your 20’s trying to cover up premature spider veins? That’s unfair to be forced to remove shorts and dresses from your wardrobe in the height of your wild and free days of youth. You need help—complete the form to the right to schedule your leg vein treatment consultation with Dr. Macdonald.

If you have large, ropey varicose veins, Dr. Macdonald can refer you to a vascular surgeon for the safest management of this problem.

Treatment Expectations for Leg Veins


Sclerotherapy involves using tiny needles to inject visible blood vessels with a sclerosing solution. This solution causes an inflammatory response in the inner lining of the vessel. This causes the vessel walls to stick to one another.

In this way, the channel for the passage of blood is blocked and the vessel is soon reabsorbed and metabolized by the body, so that it disappears. New, less superficial vessels eventually form to take its place.

Treatment occurs as follows:

  • Dr. Macdonald evaluates the size and superficiality of your leg veins to determine the most appropriate technique—sclerotherapy or laser
  • Tiny spider veins are best treated with laser vein therapy
  • Larger diameter blood vessels are best addressed with sclerotherapy
  • You experience very minimal discomfort during treatment—a needle stick (sclerotherapy) or snapping sting sensation (laser) for 1-2 seconds on each vein being treated
  • Treatment takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the number and type of veins treated

For recovery from sclerotherapy, compression stockings must be worn immediately and for 7-10 days following treatment to ensure best results. Prior to your appointment, contact our office for instructions on purchasing compression stockings and bringing them to your treatment.

Temporary bruising or small ulcers may occur following treatment. Healing time varies from days to weeks. Returning to work or usual daily activities immediately following your treatment is fine. Aggressive lower body activity, that increases venous return, is discouraged for 2 weeks following treatment.


The sclerotherapy procedure yields the following results:

  • Previous discoloration of the superficial small and medium-sized veins diminishes after healing
  • Up to 80% improvement is expected after the first treatment
  • An optional second treatment is included, within 6 months of the first treatment. At the time of second treatment, up to 80% of the remaining visible vessels should respond to treatment again
  • Best results are obtained when prescribed compression stockings are worn continuously for 7-10 days immediately following treatment
  • Treatment results are permanent, but new veins may still continue to surface as you age