Laser resurfacing in an extended periorbital area (around the eyes) reduces the appearance of under-eye crepiness and crow’s feet while also correcting evenness of skin color from “freckle-type” hyperpigmentation.
Fantastic neck skin firming results already after just 1 SkinTyte™ treatment with our Sciton® multi-purpose laser.
Full face deep laser resurfacing eliminates the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and improves overall skin tone and elasticity.
Laser resurfacing for revision of upper lip scar due to an accident that had occurred several years previous.
Full face deep laser resurfacing eliminates the appearance of discoloration and improves overall skin tone.
Pre combination Profractional with Deep Micro Peel shows scaring, tone and texture issues. Post 1 year shows improvement to tone, texture and scaring.
Pre photo shows pronounced vessel under eye. Post photo shows vessel much less visible after one treatment of Varilite laser.
Pre BBL (Broad Band Light) shows acne inflammation and scaring. Post photo is 2 years after series of 6 BBL treatments for acne showing long-term clearing.
Our patient came with a complaint of uneven skin tone and dark spots. One treatment of BBL (Broad Band Light) cleared almost all her concerns leaving her skin clear and rejuvenated.