Facelift, neck lift, and endoscopic brow lift for a natural-looking fully refreshed overall appearance that makes her look 10 years younger.
Face and neck lift to smooth and lift the contours of her full face and neck, thereby producing a natural-looking result that is pleasing but not overdone.
Multiple surgical procedure approach with facelift and neck lift to revitalize midface and restore smooth jawline and neck contour; endoscopic brow lift to slightly re-position brow, creating openness around his eyes.
Full facial revitalization with endoscopic brow lift to restore youthful brow height and smooth forehead wrinkles; facelift and neck lift to revitalize and redefine contours of the mid and lower face plus a significantly saggy neck.
Improved appearance of upper face resulting from her endoscopic brow lift which was coupled with facelift to smooth her drooping jowl area and neck lift to correct her substantial neck sagginess.
Face and neck lift to restore overall youthful vitality, bringing beautiful lift to cheek height while also smoothing jowls and chin with defined contour for very satisfying overall result that takes 10 years off her facial appearance.
Facelift along with endoscopic brow lift, both of which help defy the "heavy" effects of gravity, create a more lifted and youthful contour of the entire face; further complemented by an upper blepharoplasty which creates more openness in the eye area and completes the overall facial rejuvenation.