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Whether you are a CEO or advertising executive, professional athlete or performer, professor or technology developer, firefighter or security guard, Dr. Macdonald understands your need for aesthetic care that is customized to your particular physical attributes and preferences.

Done discreetly, there are no residual telltale signs of your cosmetic work. You are able to enjoy the desired improvements, earning you respect and admiration both in your professional and private life.

Male Facial Plastic Surgery

Not only are there significant anatomic differences between men and women, but their physiology differs as well. Men are at greater risk of bleeding during surgery. To prevent this, many safety steps are taken before, during and after surgery to reduce the possibility of complications.

On the other hand, because of their thicker skin, men often heal much more quickly and completely than women. Male facelift patients tend to have more discreet scars than women. This is a blessing.

The most popular facial plastic surgical procedures sought out by men in Dr. Macdonald’s practice include:

  • Neck liposuction with or without chin augmentation - For men, a double chin and/or neck "waddle" can emerge as soon as the early 30’s.
  • Septorhinoplasty or Rhinoplasty – Men tend to have more traumatic injuries to the face from sports or other intense activities. Thus, Dr. Macdonald often ends up reconstructing the inside and/or contouring the outside of a man’s nose.
  • Blepharoplasty – Just as for women, eyelid rejuvenation is often necessary to reopen the eye area and diminish the puffy, tired look that presents itself. While this often occurs as soon as the 30's in women, this constant fatigued look to the eyes may not occur until the 40's or 50's in men.

Complete the form to your right to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Macdonald. He listens to your concerns and desires for improvement, expresses to you the inherent differences between male and female aesthetics, and tailors a plan to address the unique issues of your face and body.


Male Body Liposculpture

Male body sculpting focuses on drawing out masculine elements of your form. It maximizes the toned appearance of your underlying muscular physique. Especially as your metabolism begins to slow with age, even if you have always been fit and athletic and follow a healthy nutritious diet, you may need this little bit of help to regain your former six-pack abs.

For men, the “trouble spots” of unwanted stubborn fat deposits usually occur in the abdomen and the flanks. The term flanks, otherwise known as "love handles", refers to your side area from your last rib to your hipbone, extending all the way to the middle of your back.

Skillful liposculpting provides an opportunity to improve the contours of every male physique, from the gym enthusiast to the workaholic executive. A life-long, fit adventure sports enthusiast himself, Dr. Macdonald understands how to achieve appropriate balance to suit male cosmetic goals.


Non-Surgical Aesthetic Options for Men

Men, let’s face it... you are really not much different than women when it comes to your fondness for the positive effects of BOTOX® and Dysport™. Who doesn’t want to wipe away the permanent scowl and forehead wrinkles in your upper face that contribute to an aged, weathered look? These non-surgical cosmetic enhancements do wonders for most anyone beyond 30.

Another non-surgical treatment growing in popularity with men in our practice is laser therapy. It seems the laser treatments most gratifying to men so far have been: SkinTyte™ for skin firming on various areas of the body—particularly the neck “waddle", described earlier.

The quick, single treatments with little-to-no downtime—MicroLaserPeel® light resurfacing and ProFractional™ deep resurfacing procedures—are very popular for treating diffuse areas of sun damage or post-acne scarring. These laser therapies can be specifically tuned to your desired depth of resurfacing to suit your specific skin condition, skin type, recovery time available, and degree of desired improvement.

If you are looking to improve the overall quality of your appearance, including your skin…look no further. Come see Dr. Macdonald at the Aesthetic Surgery & Skin Rejuvenation Center. Here we understand the low maintenance philosophy of men and the subtle yet satisfying aesthetic improvements you really want.

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