Cheek Augmentation Surgery


Your cheekbones are vital to the overall frame of your face—serving as the top of the natural “V” shape. Cheeks that are full and lifted portray an alluring youthfulness and vitality in both women and men.

Cheek augmentation surgery can improve the overall look of your face by creating attractively strong, high cheekbone definition. Using an implant to augment your cheeks also substitutes for aging-related volume loss in your cheeks or the area below your cheeks.

Do you wish to create or restore volume in your cheeks and midface on a more permanent basis than is feasible with non-surgical injectables? If so, then you may be a good candidate for cheek augmentation surgery.

How Cheek Augmentation Changes My Look

As you age, gravity leaves its mark. Your skin thins, becomes lax and saggy. Underlying soft tissue atrophies. This loss of youthful volume results in flattening and sometimes hollowing of your cheeks.

The whole aging progression contributes to a drawn, tired look. Cheek augmentation restores a more rested, volumized, youthful appearance. This is accomplished by inserting an implant to “lift and fill” your cheek area, including the area just below your cheekbones.

The results of cheek augmentation produce a more defined cheek line, with elimination of a gaunt, hollowed look. As an additional benefit, the “fill” created by insertion of an implant also softens or eliminates deep, pronounced nasolabial folds (lines between nose and mouth).

What To Do Before Cheek Augmentation

Consult our surgical recovery reference chart before treatment to help you plan for what to expect both pre and post cheek augmentation surgery. There’s plenty to consider, so make planning for both surgery and recovery a priority.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery Details

Cheek augmentation surgery utilizes a permanent implant to elevate and "fill" your cheeks to a more youthful state.

  • Implant size and shape varies. Initial selection is made at your pre-op appointment based on your treatment goals and Dr. Macdonald's surgical experience and judgment. Implant sizers are used to help with this decision by simulating your final result.
  • The final implant selection decision is made at the time of surgery, taking into account your desires and how the implant looks once in position.
  • Small incisions are placed along the gum line inside your mouth, one on each side.
  • The Silastic or Gortex implants selected are placed against your own cheekbones.
  • Dr. Macdonald closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures.
  • He places tape on your cheeks to hold the implants in proper healing position.
  • Surgery takes 1-2 hours.

The beautiful lifting effects of cheek augmentation are permanent. 

Cheek Augmentation Can Be Combined With...

To achieve holistically blended natural-looking facial rejuvenation results, it’s often helpful to combine surgical procedures. This generally achieves the most optimal rejuvenating effect. You may wish to incorporate the volumizing effect of cheek augmentation with facelift surgery for a comprehensive rejuvenation approach.

Healing After Cheek Augmentation Surgery

  • Post-op pain and discomfort are minimal.
  • As with any surgery, some swelling and bruising arre normal within the first 3-7 days post-op.
  • Tape placed on your cheeks after surgery should remain for 5 days. Sutures inside your mouth dissolve within 5-8 days post-op.
  • Within 5-7 days, you should be able to resume work and other non-strenuous daily activities.
  • Conservatively resume high-intensity physical activities.
  • You are healed within 3-6 months.

Read more after treatment tips for how best to manage your healing process after cheek augmentation surgery. You may also want to download this surgery’s specific Post-Op Instruction Sheet to have on hand as an easy reference for any questions that may arise.

Alternatives to Cheek Augmentation

Injectable dermal fillers also effectively deliver improvement in cheek lift and youthful contour. Suitable fillers used in our center include Restylane®, JUVEDERM®, Perlane, and Radiesse®.

Depending on your budget, availability of downtime, and desired length of results, ask Dr. Macdonald to determine whether one of these non-surgical options is best suited to you.

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