Cosmetic Laser Procedures - Sciton JOULE™


Having worked with a multitude of lasers, Dr. Macdonald believes the Sciton JOULE™ platform delivers the best for you. It provides the most advanced science, safest and greatest results, and the most versatility for treating a wide array of skin conditions on the face and body. Explore common skin conditions and discover appropriate laser procedures for you.

Your skin deserves some special attention. You are worth it...






Before ProFractional/Deep MicroLaserPeel


After ProFractional/Deep MicroLaserPeel


Before laser removal of

prominent vessel under eye


After laser removal of

prominent vessel under eye


Before BBL(Broad Band Light)


After BBL(Broad Band Light)

Our patient came with a complaint of uneven skin tone and dark spots. One treatment of BBL(Broad Band Light) cleared almost all of her concerns leaving her skin clear and rejuvenated.

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