Simple chin augmentation procedure to create a stronger, more masculine facial contour.
Considered rhinoplasty, but elected to undergo chin augmentation to achieve better facial proportion.
Augmented her weak chin which provided the desired facial balance, negating her perception of a large nose.
38-year-old male. Chin augmentation to create a stronger, more masculine jawline.
Chin augmentation to balance the frame of his face and bring it into better proportion with his nasal projection.
Created a more square-shaped, masculine jaw with chin augmentation surgery.
Chin augmentation surgery with submental and jowl liposuction to provide balance of facial features and define a stronger, more youthful jawline.
Liposuction in the jowls and submental (below the chin) region to restore a more youthful jaw contour.
Submental liposuction to reduce the appearance of a "double chin” which frequently occurs earlier in a male’s aging face vs. a female’s.
Neck and submental (area under the chin) liposuction redefines a more masculine and youthful jawline.
"Suction-less" submentoplasty (neck liposuction) to remove unwanted fat deposits and also promote neck skin tightening with collagen remodeling.
Submentoplasty (neck) one month post-surgery.
This patient's chin augmentation procedure gave him a stronger jawline and a more balanced profile.