Dr Macdonald is the best! So happy with his personalized attention, his knowledge, his surgery skills and his lovely staff.
Jane R.

I truly have nothing but wonderful things to say for Dr. Macdonald and his entire team! I went through 6 different consultations for a rhinoplasty before deciding on Dr. Macdonald. He was incredibly detailed and precise in our consultation, even taking the time to draw how he perceived the surgery to go on paper and walk me through each step. He understood that I wanted to still look like myself, and natural, but without the bump on my nose. I felt that he understood my perception of my nose and set realistic goals for my surgery and what to expect. The consultation was conducted via Facetime, and when I came in person for my pre-op one of the first things he said to me was “wow, you’re tall, let me update my notes.” This goes to show how precise Dr. Macdonald is, even acknowledging my height and accommodating to this to make my face symmetrical. I spoke with him about my concerns both personal ideas and about the surgery/recovery and he talked me through all of this and made me feel at ease. I genuinely knew I could trust this doctor and his team. I am now one week post-surgery and I feel great. I didn’t bruise or have purple/black eyes and the recovery was mild. I was able to call the office with any questions that arose during my recovery, and Keara consistently talked me through and made me feel 100% better. The night of my surgery Dr. Macdonald personally called me to check in, and Keara called me the following day to do the same. I felt cared for and that this office genuinely wants the best for you. If you are looking for a surgeon for ANY needs, I would go to Dr. Macdonald. His team are amazing, caring, and they are not “sales people” trying to talk you into things that are not needed. They are genuine, and real, and will take the utmost care of you. I really can’t thank Dr. Macdonald and his team enough. I am eternally grateful my first major surgery was in your hands and I am so excited for the swelling to continue to go down and see my nose at it’s finest.

Maddie M.

I am very pleased with my consultation with Dr. MacDonald. I definitely recommend. Thank you again
Rachel F.

Dr. McDonald is so caring and patient. He really listens to concerns & offers great recommendations. I would definitely go back!
Samantha P.

Best “bedside” care I have ever experienced from a Dr.
Carrie R.

Very professional and informative. They did not tell me initially about $150 consultation fee when I made the appointment on the phone. The fee caught me by surprise. The consult was only 10mins long . Other than that friendly staff.
Eugenia B.

Staff very friendly, Dr McDonald is fantastic. Highly recommended!
Maria S.

Fantastic experience with an incredible and friendly staff. Very satisfied with each encounter and cannot praise enough the wonderful job Dr. Macdonald did. Thank you!
Jacob L.

I have had many laser peels over the past few years at Dr MacDonald’s office and have seen great results. My last peel with Hana tho was the best experience. Being a wound care specialist, she is very knowledgeable about after procedure skincare. Her manner and the information she imparted was professional and caring. She mentioned things to me that the other technicians did not. Even tho I have had laser peels before I learned more from her than the past 2 technicians combined. I highly recommend Hana to anyone having their first laser peel experience or their 10th. You will not be disappointed!
Teri G.

Dr Mac is always great and careful not to cause bruising
Heidi R.

Dr. MacDonald was very attentive to my needs and desires. He did a great job on my procedure during my visit. I am very happy with the results and I would definitely recommend him!
Nancy S.

Good im waiting for the results , so far no pain
Delmy L.

Very attentive to my concerns and great session for a peel. My skin feels brand new again!
Betty C.

Great visit. Dr MacDonald took time to listen and assess the case, explained his vision of it, and detailed all options available. The doctor and staff are all very nice and professional.
Paul Z.

I felt welcomed, informed and at ease during the whole check-in process as well as the procedure.
Delilah B.

Short and sweet
Gerald S.

I waited for a week to write my review, because I wanted to see the results from my nano laser treatment first and whether it’s worth it. I don’t typically write reviews unless it’s warranted and let me just say that I LOVE it and I am seeing results in just a a few days. My skin is looking more radiant and even-toned and this is my first treatment, so I can only imagine that my skin getting better and better after a few more treatments! I highly recommend this treatment for those looking for a refresh look! The first initial contact from the staff was prompt and very professional. When I came in for my first appointment, Dr. Macdonald made me feel at ease and explained the process; he was very personable and I like that. Thank you for making this experience enjoyable! As promised, I will be telling all my friends about this! 🙂
Stacy L.

Great results!
Megan T.

Great doctor!
Liam Y.

Every time my experience is great. Everything is done to minimize discomfort. My procedure was quick and easy! I. I’m glad to have them as my defy gravity maintenance team.
Jody M.

Easy access from the bart. Staff is very friendly. Free birthday nano-peel!!! I love this place!!!!
Lalaine D.

Very professional doctor
Natalia K.

A pleasant experience. Had a cyst removed a few days ago; Dr. Macdonald removed it the day of my consultation. He explained everything he was going to do clearly. The procedure was pain-free, and the wound stitched up neatly. No qualms or complaints! Recommend!
Scott C.

Love it here! Quick and friendly service and I’m always happy with the results.
Kasey B.

Very straightforward. Knowledgeable staff
Vince G.

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julie metzger
julie metzger
I received nothing but excellent service. Dr Macdonald is very personable, honest, listens to what you want, makes suggestions, but is not pushy. It was an enjoyable experience and I would recommend Dr. Macdonald to anyone interested in a freshen-up. :-)
joyce todd
joyce todd
Dr. McDonald is one of the best plastic surgeons in the bay area. He recently did an eye surgery for me and it looks beautiful. His staff members are very professional and are always ready to help in any way they can! I will continue to use their services snd products as the years go by!
Michael Testa
Michael Testa
Truly a remarkable experience the professionalism the attention to detail the compassion shown is beyond compare
Gabriella Moonat
Gabriella Moonat
Dr. Macdonald is amazing and I highly recommend him. He's got great bedside manner and takes the time to answer all of your questions, understand your goals, and explain risks. Six months after my procedure I'm incredibly happy with the results.
Steve Vergamini
Steve Vergamini
I was NOT a patient of Dr Macdonald. However, I had a procedure done while living in the bay area almost a decade ago. Trying to find out if his office was the one that did my procedure (so I could get copies of my medical records) I called and spoke with his office. He called me back HIMSELF to explain it wasn't him or his office, asked about what I had done and spent his valuable time on the phone with me trying to piece together the clues to identify who it was that did my procedure and where. If he took that amount of care and consideration for someone who wasn't his patient, I can only imagine what he does for those he cares for directly. Would absolutely recommend him and his practice.
Lori and Derek Pope
Lori and Derek Pope
I work in healthcare and I am 51. I was greeted by wonderful staff starting with the front desk to the nurse then Dr. Macdonald himself. I have received several laser treatments here and was always pleased with the results. My skin is not perfect but I prefer laser for fillers or microneedling. I decided to get Botox this time around and was worried I would get too much and look frozen.. The Dr assured me and I left pleased. I am 1 week from laser and botox. I feel the difference with botox as my forehead feels "stiff" which isn't a bad thing. I tend to over express in this area. I have a couple of small areas that I feel need more attention but the Dr. assured me I could return and he would add to those areas free of charge. As my skin was peeling I could see all the "dead" layers not a pretty look because I used a ton of Zinc to protect myself from the sun. My skin always feels smoother after laser. I will be going back for my upper lip.