Get a Liquid Facelift Before the Holidays

A surgical facelift offers dramatic results and is an excellent solution for advanced signs of aging, but it’s also a huge commitment. Be ready to remain in bed a couple of days afterward, stay at home for a couple of weeks, and wait about 6 months to see final results.

If you’re not ready for a full-on facelift, but you’re starting to notice the little lines and wrinkles that come with age, there’s another option to consider — the liquid facelift.

People throughout San Francisco, California, come to see Dr. Michael Macdonald at Aesthetic Surgery Center to obtain their ideal aesthetic goal, which often means they’re looking to achieve the ever-popular V-shaped face.

Considered the ultimate shape of feminine beauty in many countries, the “V” describes those with a slim oval face, a defined jawline, and a pointed chin. If you weren’t born with it and wish you were, you can get it through surgery, or you can opt for a quicker, less invasive treatment called the liquid facelift, and Dr. Macdonald leads the field in this artistic technique.

What’s happening to my face?

The first time you look in the mirror and see little crow’s feet cropping up around your eyes, jowls forming under your jawline, and creases and folds etching their way into your skin, it may be shocking. The signs of aging seem to come way too soon.

What you’re seeing is the result of changes inside and outside your skin. Outside, the drier texture and the tiny wrinkles are thanks to years of wind, cold, sun, and gravity. Internally, you’re losing the plumpness of your youth as your body naturally slows down its production of collagen, an essential protein that gives your skin structure and resilience.

Over time, the combination of these inevitable forces show up on your face as hollow or puffy eyes, sagging cheeks, droopy brows and lids, deep nasolabial folds, and prominent jowls. No matter how well you’ve cared for your face, these issues happen to everyone eventually. But a liquid facelift can change that.

Like no other liquid facelift

At Aesthetic Surgery Center, we pride ourselves on our individual approach to every patient who entrusts us with their cosmetic care. Dr. Macdonald has many years of experience and is on the cutting edge of the most advanced technology and techniques, which is why so many people seek his services.

When it comes to your treatments, he develops a unique plan specially designed for your face, your skin, your comfort level, and your vision of the ideal look.

To achieve that look, Dr. Macdonald combines injectable dermal fillers such as Juvéderm®️, Restylane®️, Perlane®️, and Radiesse®️ with neurotoxins Botox®️ and Dysport™, which relax the muscles that cause creases when you laugh, smile, and frown.

Depending on the changes you want to see, he targets precise areas on your face from top to bottom, artfully recontouring it to restore a more youthful look. Here’s what he can create:

  • Better brows
  • Smoother forehead
  • Brighter eyes
  • Fuller cheeks
  • Plumper lips
  • More defined jaw
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Fewer lines and wrinkles

Based on your consultation with Dr. Macdonald and his assessment of your natural face shape and the extent of the aging process, he uses each type of injectable like an artist uses different brushes, masterfully restoring and redesigning your face.

Because of Dr. Macdonald’s skill and experience, the whole treatment takes about 30-45 minutes. There’s no downtime to worry about, and you can go about your business immediately following your session.

Compared to a surgical facelift, Dr. Macdonald’s liquid facelift is: less expensive, less painful, less risky, and more subtle.

You see the difference the fillers made the minute you look in the mirror, but Botox and Dysport take about a week to kick in. If your goal is to get ready for the holidays, rest assured that this treatment can help you be picture-perfect in plenty of time.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of a liquid facelift and the confidence to face the holidays with a fresh new look? Call us at 415-956-3223, or use our online tool to request an appointment at your convenience — and prepare to turn some heads this holiday season.

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