Have you been bothered for years by prominently outset or misshapen ears? Has it taken a toll on your self-image? Would you like to free yourself from wearing hats or limiting hairstyles to hide your ears? Do you wonder if you’re a candidate for otoplasty surgery?

Perhaps your teenager has ears that prominently protrude or are malformed. Is cruel teasing from other kids hurting his or her self-esteem and confidence?

If yes, then you (or your teenager) may be a good candidate for a simple, straightforward ear surgery known as otoplasty.

How Does Otoplasty Change My Looks?

Dr. Macdonald commonly performs cosmetic ear surgery on adults and teenagers. Otoplasty is a surgical repair, restoration or correction of any deformity in your auricle or pinna—the exterior part of your ear.

This surgery “pins” your ears back to a more flush position against the sides of your head. It also may include reshaping any flat or misshapen portion of your upper ears.

What Should I Do Before Surgery?

For information on key things to remember to do, or to make sure you avoid, prior to your otoplasty read about before treatment tips. Most importantly, make sure you plan some peaceful downtime for recovery before returning to work or school.

Otoplasty Surgery Details

Otoplasty is a fairly simple, low-risk surgery with well-hidden, inconspicuous incisions and quick recovery. It substantially boosts confidence and self-esteem for any patient.

  • Hidden fusiform incisions go in the natural crease behind your ears.
  • Dr. Macdonald repositions your ears into natural alignment flush against your head. He reshapes your cartilage and soft tissue to properly form the natural folds and contours of your ears.
  • A soft pressure bandage dressing is applied to hold your ears in proper position through the first few days of healing.
  • The surgical procedure takes 1½-2 hours.

In our experience, insurance often covers at least some portion of this surgery when performed on patients under 17 years of age. So, if your teen is suffering through the heartache of high school ridicule due to overly protruding ears, don’t delay; complete the form to the right to seek a consultation with Dr. Macdonald now.

An unusually large nose or significantly protruding ears can quite negatively affect and define a child’s self-image. Similarly, rhinoplasty is another aesthetic surgical procedure that Dr. Macdonald commonly performs on teenagers beginning at 13-16 years old.

Healing After Otoplasty

  • Almost no discomfort occurs post-op. In fact, the ears often feel numb for 2-3 months. Sensation gradually returns during that time.
  • Usual, non-strenuous daily activity may resume within 2 days.
  • Bandages are removed after 5-7 days. However, a sports-type headband should be worn while sleeping for 4-8 weeks post-op.
  • Sutures are removed at 5-7 days.
  • For 3 weeks post-op, refrain from bending over (with your head below your heart) or sleeping on your side.
  • You are healed with final results at 2-3 months.

Get any additional detailed after treatment you may require to ensure the best healing possible from your otoplasty surgery.