Contouring with Chin Implants


Were you born with a less than ideal “weak” chin? Does this create a facial imbalance which makes your nose appear too big or your chin appear non-existent? A well-balanced harmonious face should have a proportional projection of both chin and nasal tip. Do you wonder if you're a candidate for chin implant surgery?

Both women and men commonly come to Dr. Macdonald requesting rhinoplasty surgery. However, it's often a weak chin, which makes the nose appear too large. This misperception occurs when the under-projected chin puts the whole facial frame out of balance. Chin implant surgery is what's really needed to correct the imbalance.

Even if you had a well-balanced chin in your youth, you may notice in your 30's to 40's the onset of sagging jowls is obscuring your beautiful jawline. Would you like to permanently restore a more definitive jawline? If so, you may be a good candidate for chin implant surgery.

How Does A Chin Implant Alter My Looks?

An implant is placed against your jawbone, under the muscle and soft tissue in this area, so that it looks like a natural extension of your facial frame. Since the implant cannot be seen or felt, it becomes inconspicuously incorporated into your natural look—but with improved strength, shape, and proportion.

There are many choices for size and shape of chin implants. Men may prefer a stronger, more square shape, while women generally prefer to accentuate a rounded, more feminine contour.

Your chin is central to the overall frame of your face—the anchor point of your natural facial “V” shape. For both women and men, an aging face transforms into a slouched “U” shape as jowls begin to slacken and sag.
Inserting a properly sized and shaped chin implant effectively reduces the appearance of jowls by providing a more defined contour to your jawline. This minor surgery yields an aesthetically pleasing and balanced result as you can see in the before and after photos.

What To Do Before Cosmetic Chin Surgery

Before your surgical treatment, consult the post-op recovery chart to plan accordingly for time off work, transportation to and from surgery, and things to avoid or prepare for prior to your chin implant surgery.

Chin Implant Surgery Details

Implant sizes and shapes vary. The appropriate selection is carefully made in the pre-op planning stage. Clear communication of your aesthetic preferences, along with Dr. Macdonald's surgical experience and judgment, are critical to your ultimate satisfaction with the selected implant size.

  • A tiny incision is made adjacent to a well-hidden natural crease just under the edge of your chin.
  • An alternative access approach through an incision inside the mouth is less desirable because of challenging access and a much greater risk of infection.
  • Dr. Macdonald places your Silastic or Gortex implant into a pocket over the mandible (jawbone) and secures it precisely in position.
  • Dr. Macdonald closes your skin incision with fine, dissolvable sutures.
  • He carefully tapes your chin to hold the implant in proper position during early healing.
  • Surgery takes 1-2 hours.

The nicely contoured effects of your chin implant are permanent but may be quite easily adjusted or reversed if you are unhappy with the new look.

Chin Implants Are Often Combined With....

Chin implant surgery, medically termed mentoplasty, can be effectively complemented with other surgical procedures. Most frequently, chin implants are combined with:

  • Submentoplasty or neck liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Midface mini lift (cheek suspension)
  • Facelift

Healing After Chin Implant Surgery

  • Post-surgical pain and discomfort is minimal.
  • Keep the tape on your chin in place for 5-7 days.
  • Some swelling and bruising is normal within the first 3-7 days post-op.
  • Sutures on the underside of your chin are either dissolvable or are removed by Dr. Macdonald in 5-7 days following surgery.
  • Within 5-7 days, you should easily be able to resume work and other non-strenuous daily activities.
  • You are healed within 3-6 months.

Discover post-op tips to best manage your healing process. You may want to download the Chin Implant Surgery Post-Op Instruction Sheet for easy reference during your recovery.

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