The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty

The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty

There’s no such thing as a perfect nose, but you probably have some ideas about how to come close. If you feel like yours is too big, too small, too round, too bumpy, or too anything, rhinoplasty (a nose job) can reshape and resize your nose so it fits your face and your idea of perfection.

Ironically, the multiple variables that can alter your nose for the better can also alter it for the worse. Here, Michael R. Macdonald, MD, our expert cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon at the Aesthetic Surgery Center in San Francisco, California, explains the secrets behind ensuring a natural-looking outcome from your rhinoplasty. 

Choose the right surgeon

The most important thing to consider when getting rhinoplasty — or any type of surgery — is whether your surgeon is qualified. There are nearly 7,000 plastic surgeons operating in the United States, but they aren’t equally skilled or educated. Choosing a board-certified surgeon who has undergone rigorous education and training is the bare minimum.

Experience is another factor. Research potential surgeons to find out how long they’ve been practicing and how many rhinoplasties they’ve performed. Hand-in-hand with experience is success rate. Just because a surgeon has been performing a procedure for many years doesn’t mean they’re good at it. Read testimonials, and ask for references.

Dr. Macdonald’s qualifications include:

Dr. Macdonald’s extensive training and experience, along with his stellar reviews and award-winning results, instill confidence and trust in all of our rhinoplasty patients.

Get an anatomical analysis

Rhinoplasty is much more than switching out your old nose for a new one. It also involves the functionality of your nasal passages, the condition of your skin, and other anatomical factors.

Dr. Macdonald performs a comprehensive expert analysis of your features to determine what’s possible and what’s healthy so you can make an informed decision that renders the best possible outcome.

Communicate clearly

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, you likely have many questions. And if you’re like many people, you may feel hesitant to ask them. But if you don’t get the answers you need, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Dr. Macdonald encourages patients to speak freely about what they want from their nose job, what they envision and hope for. He welcomes all questions, big and small — no inquiry is too silly or too outrageous. 

And communication is a two-way street. Dr. Macdonald always provides an abundance of information so you feel comfortable and confident with your upcoming surgery.

Set realistic expectations

Dr. Macdonald is one of the country's most skilled plastic surgeons, and his success rate reflects that. However, there are limits to what can and should be done to change the look of your nose.

The most realistic results come from subtle changes that refine the shape, slope, size, and projection of your nose so it creates balance and symmetry on your face. Talk to Dr. Macdonald about your expectations so he can let you know if they’re realistic or if you need to adjust them.

Understand the procedure and the recovery process

Rhinoplasty is surgery, and you need to take it seriously. It’s important to understand the details of your procedure, how to prepare for it, and what to expect during recovery. 

Each rhinoplasty is unique, so Dr. Macdonald makes sure you clearly understand what’s involved in your particular procedure. Make arrangements for transportation home following your surgery, schedule time off from work according to Dr. Macdonald’s recommendations, and follow your post-op instructions carefully. 

Interested in more tips about getting beautiful, natural-looking results from rhinoplasty? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Macdonald using our online request tool or by calling our San Francisco office today.

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