Rhinoplasty: It's More Than Just a Nose Job

Dr. Michael Macdonald Rhinoplasty Aesthetic Surgery Center San Francisco, California

Often when people think of rhinoplasty, or a "nose job," they envision a cosmetic procedure that changes your nose size or shape. For many individuals, however, rhinoplasty can also solve the medical issue of obstructed breathing.

Here at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, located in San Francisco, California, Dr. Michael Macdonald uses his expert skills and experience to perform cosmetic procedures ranging from rhinoplasty and BOTOXⓇ injections to facelift and neck lift surgery. Using state-of-the-art techniques, he provides personalized care to help clients look and feel their best.

Each year, over 200,000 people choose to have rhinoplasty done. Reasons vary from wanting to change their nose appearance or proportion to a desire to fix a deformity caused by an injury or a birth defect. Some people experience breathing difficulties that can be fixed by nasal surgery as well.

Tackling Nasal Obstruction

Struggling to breathe out of your nose can make exercising difficult, disrupt your sleep, and even play a role in causing snoring and sleep apnea. Some people might get relief from using a nasal spray and/or sleep apnea treatment, but for those who don't, nasal surgery might be your best bet.

Types of Nasal Surgery


When the bone and cartilage dividing the two nostrils gets displaced, it can cause breathing difficulties. This is called a deviated septum. One or both nostrils may be obstructed, potentially resulting in noisy breathing while asleep and a tendency to sleep on one side more than the other to improve breathing ability. Nosebleeds and facial pain are other possible problems that can be caused by a deviated septum.

Many people have some degree of septum deviation, but if your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, it may be time to consider nasal surgery. Septoplasty involves repairing and straightening the septum, which can not only improve your breathing, but also increase your sense of smell, reduce allergy symptoms, and decrease snoring.

Turbinate Reduction

Often done in conjunction with septoplasty, turbinate reduction surgery can also aid in the resolution of congestion, post nasal drip, sleep apnea, and breathing issues. Located in the nose, turbinates consist of blood vessels that warm and humidify air before it gets to the lungs. If they become too enlarged, turbinates can cause the symptoms listed above. Dr. Macdonald often employs Coblation inferior turbinate reduction with septoplasty for best results.


As its name implies, this procedure combines septoplasty with rhinoplasty. People who choose this option typically are getting septoplasty for breathing issues and simultaneously want to take the opportunity to make adjustments to their nose appearance.

If you are tired of having trouble breathing, call our office or book an appointment on our website today to find out which procedure is right for you.

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