Our Skin Tightening Services

One of the telltale signs of aging is loose, saggy skin. Your cheeks sink in, your neck wattles, your arms look like bat wings, and your tummy droops. Even if you’re fit, you can’t escape the inevitable effect of time and gravity on your skin — but you can fight back.

The advanced technology behind SkinTyte™ by Sciton interrupts the biological forces that loosen your skin. This treatment gives our patients noticeable results they can’t find in a jar, which is why it’s one of our most popular procedures.

Dr. Michael Macdonald, our award-winning, board-certified cosmetic and facial surgeon here at Aesthetic Surgery Center in San Francisco, California, specializes in highly individualized treatments that help women and men achieve their aesthetic goals. Here’s why he trusts SkinTyte to shore up sagging skin.

The biology behind loose skin

Around age 35-40, many people start seeing changes in their skin — wrinkles, deep creases, thinning, and sagging. Yes, age is a factor, but what’s really going on is much more complex.  

If you could view the activity under the surface of your skin, you’d see a vast network of fibers and fluids. Two important proteins, collagen and elastin, provide the scaffolding that give your skin its structure, strength, and resilience. Gel-like hyaluronic acid fills in the spaces and keeps your skin soft and supple. 

Unfortunately, internal and external forces deplete your supply of these elements and cause your skin to morph before your eyes.

Internal causes of loose skin

External causes of loose skin

All these factors interfere with optimal cell renewal and your levels of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and change the structure and appearance of your skin. To reverse those effects, you need to restore the biological processes that keep skin healthy and young-looking. 

Enter SkinTyte.

The technology behind tighter skin

Dr. Macdonald tightens your skin from the inside out using the most advanced technology available — infrared light (IR) lasers. When he hovers the device over your skin, gentle, but rapid, pulses of light energy penetrate the layers of your skin, where two important things happen:

  1. Your existing collagen coagulates and contracts, reinforcing its strength and enhancing its structural properties
  2. The heat from the IR energy triggers a healing response that generates a new flow of collagen that continues for months

While you may notice some immediate results, SkinTyte’s goal is long-term improvement, so expect to see gradual changes that keep getting better. This treatment firms up your skin from the inside out, tapping into your body’s natural resources to heal itself.

The SkinTyte treatment is painless and quick, requiring zero down time. Small areas may take 10-15 minutes to treat, and larger areas may take 30-40 minutes. Dr. Macdonald lets you know exactly what to expect and how many treatments you need to achieve the results you’re after, but you can plan on about 2-5 sessions spaced a few weeks apart. 

If you’re ready to fight biology with technology and tighten up your sagging skin, schedule an appointment online or call us at 415-956-3223. 

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