How Fillers Can Help You Appear Younger Without Surgery

People who don’t want to look younger are probably few and far between. For everyone else, the question becomes how can they achieve a more youthful appearance. We’re lucky enough to live in a time with many options. Medical and technological advancements have made holding back the hands of time easier than ever before. But, with so many options, it can be difficult figuring out what to choose. It’s important to know what the difference is between all your options.

First, it’s important to stress that the best defense against aging is to engage in self-care. Whether you seek out professional treatments to take care of your skin and facial appearance or not, doing the right things in your daily life will be key to maximize results. If you’re on the fence about seeking out professional cosmetic treatments, it’s important to understand the variety of options available to you. No matter what your preference is, there is probably a treatment that’s right for you.

Here are the factors you need to weigh when deciding on the procedure you want to speak to your cosmetic surgeon about.

Invasive vs non-invasive

Typically, when weighing whether or not one wants to pursue cosmetic treatments, the first question that has to be asked is if surgery is a comfortable choice. To be clear, millions of people choose to undergo plastic surgery every year and enjoy the benefits of it. It’s relatively safe and it can provide patients with the youthful appearance they desire. That being said, it’s a very personal choice and it’s not for everyone.

For one thing, the idea of the skin being cut, pulled, or otherwise manipulated just doesn’t sit well with some people. Squeamishness and anxiety are understandable. Additionally, you may be wary of the permanence of cosmetic surgery. In order to correct or change the effects of cosmetic surgery, more surgery must occur. There is no do-over button. That’s why it’s so important to have a skilled, reputable surgeon perform the procedure.

Add in the recovery time required after surgery, and it’s easy to see why it’s not for everyone even if the results would be beneficial. Luckily, cosmetic surgeons can offer more than a face lift and related procedures. Fillers can give you a youthful appearance while being minimally invasive. They may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why fillers?

The results of typical filler treatment last anywhere from six to eighteen months. Your response to that fact is either one of relief that it’s not permanent or disappointment that it’s not permanent. If you fall into the latter camp, don’t worry because you can return for another treatment and extend the benefits for an additional eighteen months. For those in the first group, it alleviates the anxiety one fears about the permanence of surgery.

Fillers come in a variety of brands, with some popular names being Juvederm or Restylane. A simple injection delivers the solution under your skin. It causes your skin to take on a more youthful, full appearance. Wrinkles are smoothed out by plumping up the area. Fillers can also be used in combination with other treatments.

What about Botox?

Botox is often used in conjunction with fillers to create a non-invasive mini-facelift effect. Botox injections paralyze the muscle so that it smooths out the face. Typically, this is done in the eye area to reduce crow’s feet. It’s also used in the forehead and eyebrow area to get rid of wrinkles. The combination of Botox and fillers can form a complete solution that can provide a full facial makeover for however many months the treatment ends up lasting.

Taking care of your skin

Of course, maintaining good skin care habits will go a long way to keeping you looking young and maximizing the benefits of your filler treatments. The sun is the biggest culprit when it comes to wrinkles and visible signs of aging. Always wear sunblock when outdoors. Even if you’re not planning on laying out on the beach all day, the sun doesn’t discriminate. If you walk outside for two hours, that’s two hours of UV exposure. Cover up accordingly. Also, be sure to hydrate properly and get enough sleep. Both can greatly affect the appearance of your skin.


It’s understandable if you want to look younger but you are wary of cosmetic surgery. It’s not for everyone. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be excluded from the benefits of treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Macdonald will meet with you to discuss your concerns and come up with a treatment plan. Fillers may be the solution you’re looking for. With the periodic use of fillers, you can keep your face looking full and youthful. Combined with self-care, you’ll look and feel your best.

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