All About Facial Implants: What You Need to Know

If you’d like your first impressions to send a different message, we offer chin and cheek implants that bring the right balance to your face. Under the expert and experienced hands of plastic surgeon Michael R. Macdonald, MD, we help our patients in San Francisco achieve a more appealing structural balance where the parts come together to form a better whole. By highlighting and augmenting certain, weaker features, like chins or cheeks, we can change your outlook entirely.

The following outlines what you need to know about the exciting possibilities behind facial implants.

Chin up

Several years ago a plastic surgeon in New York City conducted a survey of the male CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and found that 90% of them had strong chins. But you hardly need a study to know that, historically, men with strong, chiseled chins have long been thought to be more handsome, strong, and confident. Just ask Hollywood.

Obviously, a chin has nothing to do with one’s ability to be successful in business or lead troops into battle. But right or wrong, the strong chin is far more storied and associated with competence than weaker, less-defined chins.

For men, we offer chin implants that create a stronger line between your face and neck. We can tailor the size of the implant, which we attach to the tip of your existing jawbone through a tiny incision just below your chin. The procedure is fairly simple, and you’ll need a few days of recovery for the swelling to go down and the incision to heal.

Women, too, can benefit from chin implants that lend a more defined and even look to their facial structures, while also preventing an early onset of the dreaded double chin. Our female patients typically choose a smaller implant that adds the final point to their V-shaped faces.

While we know that your chin has nothing to do with your personality or your competence, this simple procedure can add an exclamation point to your face, which may be just the impression you want to leave with others.

Cheeks on high

High, strong cheekbones do more than just add strength and elegance to your face. High cheekbones keep your other features more in line.

With each passing year, our skin loses elasticity and tone, and the thin layer of fat below our skin begins to migrate downward, leaving a more hollowed and sunken appearance behind.

With cheek implants, we can go in and add more definition, while also restoring a more youthful appearance to sunken cheeks. And we leave nothing behind except stronger cheekbones, since we go in through your mouth to place the implants through your gumline, meaning there’s no scarring on the outside.

Newly-heightened cheekbones, in both men and women, create a wonderful, strong V-line in your face that speaks of strength and vitality, and they accentuate a great smile beautifully.

If you’d like to explore how cheek and chin implants can bring new definition to your face, give us a call at here Aesthetic Surgery Center, or use the online scheduling tool on this website to request an appointment.

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