5 Incredible Benefits of Microneedling and Why You'll Want to Try It

Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling is basically what it sounds like. The treatment that uses tiny needles can powerfully improve the appearance of your skin by creating micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.

This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure available at Aesthetic Surgery Center has numerous benefits for rejuvenating your skin. Below are some of those incredible benefits. When you’re ready to try it, request an appointment online or call our San Francisco office today.

Microneedling smooths skin

A recent analysis of studies published in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery showed that microneedling is both safe and effective for minimizing wrinkles. It does so by stimulating healing factors and the production of collagen within your skin. This is important for skin smoothness, because collagen — a protein that helps keep your skin supple — declines as you age, contributing to wrinkles.

Microneedling reduces scars

The Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery report also showed that microneedling can safely and effectively minimize visible scarring on the skin. Because scars, too, cause a decline in collagen production, stimulating it through microneedling can smooth out scars caused by issues such as acne, minor surgery, and various injuries.

Microneedling diminishes stretch marks

Another recent study showed that over 43% of pregnant women develop stretch marks, and most would prefer to skip them. Processes brought about by microneedling can minimize stretch marks similarly to how the procedure addresses scars. Whether you have stretch marks on your skin from significant weight losses or gains associated with dieting, illness, or pregnancy, microneedling can help.

Related skin conditions microneedling can address include:

Microneedling boosts self-confidence

Your skin is your largest organ and among the first things people notice about you. If you tend to feel self-conscious about your skin due to irregularities, improving the tone, consistency, and smoothness of your complexion or other skin areas through microneedling can help bolster your confidence. When you’ve tried microneedling, you may feel more comfortable having your photo taken or less of a need to cover your skin with heavy makeup.

Microneedling is minimally invasive

Unlike more invasive procedures, such as cosmetic surgery, microneedling is a relatively quick treatment that doesn’t involve surgical incisions or anesthesia. It’s performed during an office visit that you could fit into a lunch break and doesn’t require downtime for recovery. Any side effects, such as tenderness and swelling, are usually mild and diminish on their own within days.

Learn more by scheduling an appointment at Aesthetic Surgery Center. Our team of professionals is eager to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

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